'Tis the Season for Christmas Cookies

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Even though a snowstorm rages outside, we feel warm and cozy. The kitchen is permeated with the scents of vanilla and cinnamon. The holiday season is upon us! And what could be more delicious than to sweeten everyone's wait time with traditional homemade cookies? 

Nothing completes the holidays like the aroma of cinnamon, oranges, and nuts and the enjoyment we get from biting into those crispy cookies.  Allow yourself to be inspired by these decadent Christmas cookie and cake recipes!

The cold winter days before the holidays are ideal for baking delicious treats. So, spoil your loved ones with the finest baked goods. Tempting recipes for luxurious cookies and cakes with rich chocolate and nuts will delight some, while others will be thrilled to munch on goodies, filled with candied fruit and seasoned with oriental spices. 

But no matter the preference, everyone will agree when it comes to classic Christmas cookies: They are a must during the holiday season as they are linked to those very special memories of Christmas' past. Baked goods naturally turn the holiday season into little moments of pure bliss. 

The historical fiction writer, A. Piper Burgi shares her heavenly Christmas cookie and cake recipes for the first time. Many popular classics from her grandmother's days as well as some modern-day reinterpretations. All baked with love and easy to recreate!


"...this book is definitely a fine addition to any cookbook collection as well as a tribute to the author’s grandmother who inspired it."
Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite