5-Star Review of 'TIS THE SEASON FOR CHRISTMAS COOKIES by Emily-Jane Hills Orford

Reviewed By: Emily-Jane Hills Orford

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Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

Ah! Christmas! Time for good food, good family time, and lots of memories shared with new memories being created. Food is definitely the highlight of any Christmas gathering. And each family has their own special favorites. For A. Piper Burgi, her food memories revolve around memories of time spent in the kitchen with her grandmother, Camilla, who had been trained as a professional chef in Germany. Although in the 1920s rural Germany didn’t accept women as chefs, Camilla worked in a local hotel, primarily as the chef even if she wasn’t accredited as such. As the author grew up, she relished time spent in the kitchen with her grandmother, especially at Christmas time. To honor these memories, and the good food the two created together, A. Piper Burgi compiled her grandmother’s recipes into this cookbook, Tis the Season for Christmas Cookies.

The author explains in her opening remarks that the recipes are all in metric because that’s how her grandmother measured and she worried that changing to the North American method of measuring by cups might affect the outcome of each recipe. Accompanied by colorful illustrations of each cookie and cake delicacy, this book progresses from the simpler concoctions to more elaborate creations such as an all-time favorite in our house, stollen. Each recipe is carefully presented with a list of ingredients along the left column and the instructions in the right column. Helpful tips also accompany each recipe in case issues arise in the creating process (as it often does, especially when trying out a new recipe). The book concludes with a list of general useful tips. Well thought out and beautifully presented, this book is definitely a fine addition to any cookbook collection as well as a tribute to the author’s grandmother who inspired it. And, on a final note, as the author concludes, "Happy Baking!"