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A. Piper Burgi has pursued a variety of diverse careers. After honourably completing her tour of duty in the Air Force, and a short stint as an Air Force contractor, she began her journey as a military spouse, moving with her pilot husband from coast to coast. She is the author of five non-fiction books and recently added the historical fiction novels  In the Shadow of Her Majesty and The Country Girl Empress to her ever-expanding collection of published writings.

Piper began her writing career shortly after her mother passed away unexpectedly. Just a few months prior she had asked for Piper's help to get her memoirs published, but neither had any idea where to begin. As Piper worked hard to keep her promise to her late mother, she found, she needed some sort of balance between the sad memories of her mother's passing, and her own active lifestyle. She found that by writing her own stories.

A lifelong student and lover of history, Mrs. Burgi was always and still is fascinated with historical events. She remembers all too well, the first time she ever heard of the English King Henry VIII and his six wives in high school. In 2011, after she picked up a few books about the iconic Henry and his many wives on a whim, she was hooked once again. This simple step reignited her love of history, and she has not stopped learning ever since. 

In addition to her six current books, Piper also has over 300 articles and blog posts published online, as well as in the German Women’s Magazine Mach Mal Pause, which roughly translates to Take a Break. As an animal rights advocate she fosters dogs and puppies, and supports various animal rescue organizations. Her great affinity for animals and nature led her to write and publish the canine health book Living with Canine Epilepsy in November 2015 to help raise canine epilepsy awareness - a cause near and dear to her heart. When she is not busy chasing after her three dogs or holding on tightly to a good cup of coffee, she can be found typing away on her computer.