02 September 2020

Month in Review - August 2020

Pumpkin Spice season is already here. Can you believe it? Where did the time go? Although the weather still blesses us with unseasonably warm weather, autumn is right around the corner. But before I get sidetracked by thoughts of what costume to wear for Halloween, it's time to recap last month. So now, without further ado, here's the list of the most popular blog posts for August 2019, chosen by you, the readers:

1. #WritersLife: The Good and Bad of Working with Beta Readers

You’ve finished writing your story. You’ve self-edited it to the nines, and elicited family members and friends to read your manuscript. It's ready for beta readers. The purpose of beta readers is not to stroke your writer's ego. Their job is to find your story's shortcomings before it is published. While it can be painful to receive feedback filled with a laundry list of issues, it's preferable to see that list in a private message, rather than plastered on the internet as part of a book review...

2. Dog Bakery: Lip-Smacking Birthday Pupcake Recipe

Birthday Pupcakes. Quick, easy, and packed with flavour. These lip-smacking pupcakes are my dogs' favourite treats - soon, your furry friends will crave them, too!

3. #WritersLife: Misconceptions about Self-Publishing

The publishing world has changed dramatically over time, but especially since online self-publishing became popular. Viewed by many as inferior, publishing your own work can be intimidating. However, all those myths floating around about it don’t help the situation. To uncover the truth about self-publishing, we should explore some of the most prevalent myths...

4. Self-Editing Basics: 9 Simple Ways to Edit Your Manuscript

As most of my readers already know, I'm in the midst of editing my next three historical fiction pieces that are part of The Country Girl Empress series: AT THE CASTLE OF DREAMS (book 5) and two yet untitled projects (book 6 and 7). With that in mind, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some tips and tricks that help me along the way to polish my manuscript...

Sometimes I think that I take my love for the characters in my books a little too far. A couple of days ago I had such a craving for Gugelhupf (a yeast-based Bundt cake, which often contains raisins) that I decided to bake an Emperor's Gugelhupf just like my grandmother used to make. Her recipe is based on the one from the famous pastry shop Zauner in Bad Ischl...

Piper is the author of several non-fiction books, and recently added five historical fiction novels to her ever-expanding collection of published writings, In the Shadow of Her MajestyThe Country Girl EmpressA Life in the Shadow of the Crown, The Perpetual Traveler, and Excerpts from the Imperial Diary. When she isn't busy typing on her computer, she can be found chasing after her furry children or holding on tightly to a good cup of coffee. Follow her on LinkedInFacebookInstagram, and Goodreads.
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