With the Heart of a Lioness - A Duchess of Aquitaine Novel


*Winner of the 2023 Firebird Book Award 
[Category: Biographical Fiction]

*Nominated for the 2024 The Indieverse Awards
[Category: The book I always recommend]

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Aliénor has everything to look forward to as the heiress of the wealthy and powerful country of Aquitaine. Like most women of the 12th century, she is raised to marry well, sit motionlessly, and be agreeable. However, unlike any other woman, she is determined to be the only one to dictate what course her life will take. After all, she is the granddaughter of the infamous Duke Guillaume IX, called the Troubadour.

Young Aliénor of Aquitaine baffles and bewilders friends and foes alike when she marries the future King of the Franks, Louis VII, in 1137. She’s called daring, ambitious, and overtly romantic. Aliénor becomes a cold-blooded schemer on the playing field of power, as she’s faced with scandals, trials, and forbidden love. Yet, through it all, she remains worthy of every troubadour’s adoration.

As the Duchess leaves France behind to become the Queen of England, Aliénor faces a whole new slew of enemies. However, she remains a mystery to the men of her time, whether she joins a crusade to the Holy Land or fights her second husband, King Henry II of England, who imprisons her to force her into submission with all her might. And if her enemies dare to join forces? They quickly learn how much power lurks within even a caged lioness!