One RV and Three People at Denali National Park

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For many, one of the holy grails in the National Park System is landing a coveted permit through the Denali Road Lottery. We were fortunate enough to win such a permit in our first attempt. As a result we were able to experience the subarctic wilderness which surrounds North America’s tallest peak and its abundance of wildlife. This book is number two in my RV travel series as I recount our weekend road trip from Anchorage, Alaska to Denali National Park and back. I am not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination; I just enjoy taking pictures of the world around me and then share my observations. On this trip however, we had the pleasure to have semi-professional photographer Michael F. Paniagua with us. Many of his exceptional photos made it into this book thanks to his generosity, and even my husband, Ken was no slouch with his camera. Many of our photographs were taken with a digital camera through the windshield of the RV or automobile. Please forgive the occasional smudge on the pictures! Those pesky bugs had no mercy with our windshields despite the late autumn days. Since our visitors’ pass was only valid for one day it made for an extensive drive, but it was definitely a thrilling weekend adventure and a true Alaskan experience! If you enjoyed my first book One RV, Three People and 6000 Miles then you will love this one!