18 August 2021

Book Review of SAINT NICK by Brandon G. Kroupa

What's not to love about Christmas? It is a season filled with gift-giving, joy, happiness, and, of course, visiting Santa Claus. And this is what the main character, Heather Fahs, looks forward to the most during her trip to Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan. 

However, soon the little girl realizes that this visit with Santa Claus will be a remarkable one. Because the Santa who awaits her is no ordinary man. He is THE  Santa Claus! Saint Nicholas himself - and he is on a mission. 

His task is a simple but daunting one: Convince young Heather of the true meaning of Christmas and that he is simply just part of the season, not the actual reason for it. But if anyone can solve this conundrum, it is Saint Nicholas!

What a joyous and touching tale! Brandon Kroupa's approach to the Christmas story and how the main character, Heather Fahs, learns about the true nature of Santa Claus was simply phenomenal and quite unprecedented. It was so easy to relate to the young girl.

SAINT NICK has a charming and imaginative way of bringing the magic of Christmas to life. Objective, as well as historical viewpoints of Christmas, were interwoven in the storyline. Viewing the wonders of Christmas through the eyes of the young child is simply heartwarming. 

Most of the story takes place in Frankenmuth, a town in Michigan where the whole city is Christmas-themed. If you enjoy everything related to the most wonderful time of the year, Frankenmuth, or are just interested in visiting the place, you can learn a lot about it here, between the pages of this endearing book. Mr. Kroupa did an excellent job connecting all aspects of Christmas, traditions, and family.

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