29 April 2020

Book Review of A Promise of Fireflies by Susan Haught

A Promise of Fireflies
by Susan Haught

A Promise of Fireflies is a vibrant, multi-layered story about a woman who confronts her past to find her way onward. Middle-aged Ryleigh Collins feels alone and abandoned after the death of her mother and the imminent dissolution of her marriage. But while sorting her mother’s belongings, Ryleigh discovers her mother wasn’t quite the person she thought she knew so well. After she decides to pursue answers to the riddles left behind, the bereft woman finds that the family she cherished was only a dream. 

Among her late mother's possessions, she discovers a strange notebook. Ever-inquisitive Ryleigh, seeks out Ambrose, a mysterious elderly gentleman. Apparently, he isn't just familiar with Ms. Ryleigh's past, but also seems to know a lot about her present and possibly even her future. Confused by the things she learns about history, and profoundly hurt by her soon-to-be ex-husband's infidelity, Ryleigh seeks refuge in the Colorado mountains.  

Upon her arrival, she is almost immediately drawn to the owner of the resort, Mr. Logan Cavanaugh. When a snowstorm hits, and they are sequestered together at the deserted resort, Logan and Ryleigh become aware of their growing feelings for each other. However, they are haunted by their demons. They are each so scarred, they are unsure if they can break free from the shackles of their past to forge a future together. 

The author has woven a story of loss and love, sprinkled with beautiful poetry, and this search for truth and forgiveness is told with candor and tenderness. The interactions between Logan and Ryleigh are incredibly passionate. A Promise of Fireflies truly engulfs the reader in a tantalizing romance that most of us can only dream about. And although the characters in this book aren't flawless (but then, who is?), it shows that at any age, life can become exhilarating again if you only dare to put your fears aside, and face the unknown. The author shows how our most deep-seated anxieties can keep us from the love and life we desire and explores the pitfalls with courage and openness. 

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