20 April 2016

Book Review of The Dawn Princess: Column of Sophia

In this week's post I'm changing things up again. I recently had the pleasure of reading the book The Dawn Princess: Column of Sophia by talented author Mark E. Thomas, who pens his work using the pseudonym T.E. Mark. While I don't review nearly enough books as I would like to, I felt compelled by the premise of the story.

The Dawn Princess: Column of Sophia
by T.E. Mark


T.E. Mark opens the door to a fantasy world in his exquisite modern fairy tale The Dawn Princess: Column of Sophia. The Kingdoms of Etrasia are at war again, and the elaborate gifts of the first four Pavannes (Princes and Princesses with unique gifts and powers) have been turned into devices of destruction. Gina, a frightened, shy but gifted girl, is completely unaware of who she is or how she ended up in this mysterious world. But one thing is certain: She is on a quest to bring peace and civility to this strange place. And it is quirky indeed: Furniture, doors, and windows are often irritable. Trees and forest animals are sarcastic and condescending, and rivers that are testy and non-compliant. But don’t let the fact that the carpets wince when walked upon bother you. That’s just life in Etrasia.

To bring about peace, Gina requires the assistance of her closest friends, like the witty and sarcastic Poppea and the guidance of an enchanted book to succeed in her mission. According to an ancient fable, she needs five lost keys to unlock her own powers which she will give her the strength to face the upcoming dangers. She quickly learns the ways of this mysterious world and begins to trust her instincts, thereby unlocking her inner warrior of peace.  The Dawn Princess: Column of Sophia challenges the imagination. I laughed, and I cried; sometimes both at the same time. I was drawn into this magical world with every word of this fantastic tale T.E. Mark so diligently laid out. It’s appropriate for old and young readers, and everyone in-between. Entertaining to the last page!

by A. Piper Burgi

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