16 March 2016

65 Ways to Say "Bad"

And I'm back to my usual programming...list of words! This week it's a list of ways to say bad. There are lots of different ways to say bad, but they don't all mean the same thing. As with all words, please be sure you know them well, before you use them in your writing! If you are unsure, you might want to do some online research or consult a dictionary. Since this list is not all inclusive feel free to add some more in the comment section. Happy Writing!

-abhorrent  -abominable  -appalling  -atrocious  -awful  -barbaric  -beastly  -brutal  -calamitous  
-contemptible  -cursed  -degenerate  -despicable  -diabolical  -disagreeable  -detestable  
-disheartening  -disgusting  -distasteful  -disturbing  -dreadful  -evil  -fiendish  -foul  -ghastly  
-grievous  -hateful  -heinous  -hideous  -horrendous  -horrible  -horrid  -icky  -inclement  
-infamous  -infernal  -lousy  -malevolent  -mischievous  -monstrous  -nasty  -nauseating  -noxious  
-nefarious  -obscene  -offensive  -reprehensible  -repugnant  -repulsive  -revolting  -rotten  
-scandalous  -shocking  -sicking  -sinful  -sinister  -sordid  -terrible  -treacherous  -unpleasant  
-unworthy  -vicious  -vile  -wicked  -wretched

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by A. Piper Burgi

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