21 January 2015

Where Do You Like to Write?

Photo by A. Piper Burgi

Do you need a cozy corner off to yourself? Do you sit in front of a desktop computer or do you prefer something a little more portable? Or do you go the old route of typewriter or pen and paper? Some writers say they need activity around them in order for the thoughts to flow…like writing in a cafe. Personally I can't see how anyone can focus surrounded by chaos, but to each his own! I prefer a nice quiet corner on the sofa with my laptop next to me…how about you?

Piper is the author of military lifestyle books and RV travel journals. When she isn't busy typing away on her computer, she can be found chasing after her furry children or holding on tightly to a good cup of coffee. Follow her on LinkedInFacebookGoodreads and Google+.


  1. I find it interesting that where people write is an issue to them. This has been discussed several times in the writers' group that I attend.
    I can, and do, write almost anywhere. When I get an idea ,if all that I have with me is my trusty pocket pad, I'll write on it no matter what I'm doing. I can be creative anywhere as long as I'm not being interrupted. But I usually start writing in my Lazy Boy and don't move to the computer until a have at least a sketch.

  2. I personally never have time to get that one spot that's just right. Most times, I'm scribbling madly at work or jotting stuff down while I'm in traffic. That special place would seriously be a luxery. Never the less, those that can find that place I applaud them.