14 January 2015

60 Ways to Replace the Word "Went"


As I am editing my latest writing project, I find the word "went" seems to be everywhere. Went here, went there, went to do this, went to do that....went, went, went! It is quite annoying at times. There is definitely a better way and here's a list of ways to replace the word "went". I attempted to keep the list in alphabetical order, but please forgive the occasional slip up! Feel free to add your ideas in the comment section!

- ambled
- approached
- ascended
- barreled
- bolted
- burst
- climbed
- crawled
- crept
- darted
- dashed
- dove
- escaped
- exited
- faded
- fell
- fled
- flew
- galloped
- glided
- hiked
- hurried
- hustled
- hurtled
- jogged
- jumped
- left
- marched
- meandered
- neared
- paraded
- pounced
- pushed on
- raced
- ran
- retreated
- roamed
- rolled
- rushed
- sauntered
- skated
- slid
- slithered
- soared
- sped
- sprinted
- stomped
- stormed out
- strode
- strutted
- traipsed
- traveled
- trekked
- tripped
- tumbled
- vanished
- veered
- waddled
- walked
- zoomed

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  1. Great tip, thanks. I'll keep it handy, right next to my mouse.

  2. My Mom's card-playing mates used to say "Went" to keep track of turns when playing Hand and Foot, Hook and Ladder, or whatever game they were playing. As an English prof turned writer, I appreciate your tips and lists.

  3. Wonderful list. Very helpful. Also ... wandered, skipped? Thanks.

  4. Sometimes "went" is all you have to use.