05 November 2014

Ways to Support your Favourite Author!

I posted this article a little over a year ago, but it ties in so nicely with my last blog entry I decided to post it again...

Perhaps you are not aware every time you click that "Like" button or write a customer review you help an author. Writing a book takes many hours and dedication. Often it takes an author away from their loved ones. Most authors get paid much less than you might think; most of them write because they love to tell a story. The one or two dollars they make in royalties per book barely buys that next cup of coffee that fuels the next chapter. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme...it's a labour of love and a complete stranger can pull them into the depths of despair or lift them up with just one review. It can take months and sometimes even years to write a book. It takes even longer to design the cover artwork, edit the contents and then publish it. After that most authors have to give up even more of their precious spare time to market and promote their book(s). Please give something back in return! Leave a review, even if it's just two sentences! Author's thrive on feedback! Help them get noticed by leaving a high-star rating or click the "Like" button! Every little bit helps! Tell your friends, family members, your local library or bookstore about the author and their work. And above all...keep reading!  =)

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