09 November 2014

Veterans Day Sale!

In honour of Veterans and their spouses everywhere, my military lifestyle books My Afghanistan Campaign Diary: Views of a Military Spouse and Beyond Afghanistan: More Views of a Military Spouse are now on sale through 12 November 2014. They are available for purchase at Amazon.com and other fine online retailers. Feel free to take a peek and buy your very own copy today. Don't forget to leave a customer review and share these great news with family and friends!
  About the books:

Throughout the ages the members of the military have been quietly supported not only by communities, friends and family members but mostly by their significant others, spouses and life partners and often this support has gone unnoticed. Seldom are the difficulties that the military lifestyle brings candidly discussed before anyone joins its ranks. My new book openly describes our day-to-day lives before, during and after my husband’s 7-month long deployment. It describes the emotional highs and lows we experienced during this time. All this and more set against the backdrop of rugged Alaska and the unrelenting heat of Afghanistan. Don't miss our powerful story about commitment, sacrifice and family! 

Let the diary continue! this is our family's enduring story and we are off on our newest adventure...relocating form the final frontier called Alaska to the Air Force's center of geekiness, also known as AFIT (Air Force Institute of Technology). Military Moves...Ugh! Just the thought of moving again and again makes many of us shake our heads: moving every three to four years at the mere drop of a hat can take on nightmarish proportions. Giving up close friends and a familiar way of life, we propel ourselves toward the unknown and an uncertain future in new locations. Join us again on another long-winded journey, laced with plenty of bureaucracy, drama and some unavoidable heartache! 

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