Living with Canine Epilepsy

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*Nominated for the 2016 Readers' Favorite Book Award {Non-Fiction/Animals}
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What are the odds that a newly-wed couple would adopt two unrelated dogs, and both develop epilepsy? In case you are wondering, based on some rough calculations the odds were three in 1000. They never intended to adopt two handicapped furry children, yet somehow they ended up with two dogs that out of nowhere began to convulse one day. First recognized in ancient times, Hippocrates referred to epilepsy as the “sacred” disease. However, nothing about it seems sacred! Watching a beloved companion suffer a seizure can be an extremely traumatic event. Learning to live with an animal with complex health issues is never easy; learning to live with two dogs with severe epilepsy can be an overwhelming task.
Epilepsy manifests in frightening ways, causing a dog to experience sudden, uncontrolled attacks. Living with a dog that has epilepsy can be a daunting prospect, but with some help from a vet and much planning epileptic dogs can live a relatively normal life. Common sense combined with medicine can make canine epilepsy manageable. If you are new to dealing with a pet with epilepsy, take a step back and don’t forget to breath. While no one can promise that everything will be fine, the author can tell you from personal experience that sticking with your pet(s) and getting them on a proper medication regimen can lead to many hours of happiness and beautiful memories. The book is not a diagnostic tool or a replacement for proper veterinary care, but conveys the live experiences of the author. It expresses the personal views, opinions and beliefs of the author. A pet’s health care is an individual matter, and pet owners should consult a veterinary professional for guidance.


"This is an enjoyable and quick read. I highly recommend Living with Canine Epilepsy by A. Piper Burgi for owners of dogs with epilepsy. There is no reason that any dog owner couldn't benefit from it either. There are lots of photos she shared. She also provided a wealth of references for canine epilepsy and even some doggie recipes. A wonderful book."
- S. J. Francis for Readers' Favorite

"This is a very well written book. This really tells it like it is about dog epilepsy and what an awful, terrible disease this is. Thank you so much for writing this book. It has helped me get through the hell that is dog epilepsy."
- Roxie Angelo                               

" I have a dog which suffers from epilepsy. Your book on canine epilepsy gave our family a lot of strength to keep supporting our furry baby. Thank you!"
- Shareefa Youshna Jewan-Jadhakhan