20 January 2016

Words to Describe Sounds

As I am back in writing mode, I shall begin to post these sorts of lists more often. Today I thought it a good idea to publish a list of words used to describe many, everyday sounds, which are often heard but no one hardly ever pays attention to. I tried to keep this list in alphabetical order, but please forgive any slip-up that might have sneaked in. Hope you find this list useful, and feel free to add your own in the comment section!

- Bang
- Bark
- Beep
- Blast
- Boom
- Buzz
- Chime
- Chirp
- Clang
- Clap
- Click
- Crackle
- Crash
- Creak
- Drip
- Drumming
- Fizz
- Grating
- Grinding
- Groan
- Growl
- Grumble
- Gurgle
- Hiss
- Howl
- Hum
- Jingle
- Knock
- Moan
- Murmur
- Patter
- Peep
- Pop
- Pounding
- Purr
- Rattle
- Ring
- Roar
- Rumble
- Rustle
- Screech
- Shriek
- Sizzle
- Snap
- Splash
- Squeak
- Squish
- Swish
- Tap
- Thud
- Tick-Tock
- Wheeze
- Whine
- Whisper
- Whistle
- Yapping
- Yelp

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  1. Great list - thanks

  2. Have you seen the books by Angela Ackerman? She came out with "The Emotions Thesaurus" "The Negative Traits Thesaurus" and "The Positive Traits Thesaurus." Very handy references. I could see your list expanded into a similar book. Thanks!

  3. I have not seen those books, but they do sound like very handy references.
    Thank you, Susan, I haven't thought about putting these lists into a book format, but it's a neat idea! =)

  4. Your list is great!
    I can truly say that as I go throughout the day, sounds is not something that I pay a lot of attention too.
    Thanks for bringing this thought to my attention.

  5. You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. =)