20 May 2015

Birthdays in Literature

Welcome to Birthdays in Literature! Many people know when Shakespeare's birthday is or when J. K. Rowling celebrates her day of honour. I thought I would extend this opportunity to authors, who might not be quite as well known.While many of them may not make gigantic contributions to world literature, they all do their part to enrich our lives with their writings. Therefore, I believe, they all deserve a special birthday greeting. Join me in wishing them a Happy Birthday!

Today's birthday spotlight is Ms. E. A. Maier!

Photo provided by author's family.

Born on 20 May 1950, she passed away in 2011. Ms. Maier was a German writer of anecdotal memoirs. Sadly, she was a late bloomer, and her writings were not published during her lifetime. Her works can be found here.

Happy Birthday, E. A. Maier!

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