25 February 2015

Strong Verbs

As I slowly edit my latest manuscript, I find that I'm in the habit of utilizing adverbs and weak verbs...a lot. While I believe adverbs have their place in writing, I have to remind myself that I should search for strong verbs as a replacement. Verbs are commonly referred to as "action" words and choosing active verbs can help create a vibrant image in the readers' minds, eliminates wordiness and might even help you avoid the passive voice.

Here's a short list of strong verbs that have helped my writing come to live:

- attack
- bolt
- bounce
- chase
- coax
- conceal
- dash
- devour
- disappear
- dread
- emerge
- examine
- faint
- frolic
- gallop
- glare
- growl
- gulp
- howl
- hunt
- lash
- limp
- nuzzle
- ooze
- pester
- prance
- recuperate
- retrieve
- rush
- scurry
- shiver
- shriek
- shudder
- snuggle
- sprint
- stagger
- stumble
- trot
- tumble
- twist
- wander
- wobble
- yelp

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1 comment:

  1. I just finished reading Stephen King's ON WRITING. He does a lot of hating on adverbs for the reasons you've stated. He thinks they're wimps. :)