18 February 2015

How to Describe Specific Tastes and Flavours

The sensation of flavour perceived in the mouth and throat on contact with a substance.
(Oxford Dictionaries)

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While scientists disagree with each other whether or not humans can detect more than four, five or six different flavours (sweet, sour, bitter, salty, savory and whatever the sixth one might be), any other 'tastes' are a combination of these basic flavors, or are detected by our nose. This is why it's so hard to enjoy food when we're congested. 

As a writer you might need to know more than just those four, five or six words to describe flavours. I found these options with meanings rather helpful while writing. Can you think of any others to add?

1. watery - a thin or tasteless flavour due to too much water
2. unsalted - not flavored with salt
3. tart - a sharp and acidic taste
4. syrupy - thick, sweet and sticky
5. sweet-and-sour - contains both sweet and sour flavours
6. acidic - very sour
7. astringent - a strong and bitter taste
8. bitter - a strong, sometimes unpleasant taste
9. brackish - a slight taste of salt
10. hot - lots of spices that create a burning sensation
11. spicy - a hot, strong flavour
12. sour - with a taste like a lemon
13. sharp - a strong and bitter flavour
14. savoury - taste of salt and/or spices
15. fruity - the flavour or aroma of ripe fruit
16. mature - has been left to develop a strong, yet pleasant flavour
17. mild - a weak flavour
18. ripe - a rich, intense flavour
19. robust - a strong, full-bodied flavour
20. seasoned - contains seasonings to improve flavour
21. nutty -  a flavour like that of nuts
22. bitter-sweet - tastes bitter and sweet simultaneously 
23. pungent - a sharply strong taste
24. sweet - a sugary flavour
smoky - taste of smoked wood

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