10 December 2014

Increase your Emotional Vocabulary

Our main characters drive our stories and we spend a lot of time creating those characters. But there are occasions when we don't spend enough time thinking about their emotional reactions beyond the obvious. The best writing comes from choosing precise words. When we want to describe our character's emotional state there's a huge difference between being mad - irritated and being mad - livid. As writers it is vital to be more precise with our characters emotional state of mind; the words Mad, Sad, Glad and Afraid are just not enough at times. Increase your emotional vocabulary with this handy list....and feel free to add your own in the comment section below!


-angry  -furious  -irritated  -impatient  -dismayed  -outraged  -resentful  -appalled  -disgusted  -hostile -repulsed  -livid  -irate  -exasperated  -rattled           -shocked  -uncomfortable  


-depleted  -depressed  -gloomy  -hopeless  -troubled  -lonely  -miserable  -heartbroken  -remorseful 
-disappointed  -heavy-hearted  


-loving  -friendly  -warm  -grateful  -delighted  -enthusiastic  -excited  -giddy  -relaxed  -relieved  
-refreshed  -peaceful  -exhilarated  -thrilled  -inspired  -renewed  -happy


-frazzled  -tense  -defensive  -guarded  -apprehensive  -suspicious  -weary  -terrified  -shocked  
-concerned  -worried  -uneasy  -anxious  -scared  -insecure  -frightened

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