27 December 2014

4-Star Review of Beyond Afghanistan: More Views of a Military Spouse

It's always a great feeling to receive a good review of your writing...makes all the hard work worth it!

Thank you to the reviewer, Andretta Schellinger for taking the time to review my book and giving it an honest and detailed review!

Reviewed by Andretta Schellinger for Readers' Favorite

A. Piper Burgi in her book Beyond Afghanistan: More Views of a Military Spouse describes what it is like to have your spouse not only deploy but then return to an uncertain future. This book starts with right after Christmas, which is about a month after her husband Ken returned from Afghanistan. While deployed, the author maintained the family home in Alaska, while waiting for his return. Using a journal to record daily activities as well as emotions, the author continued this after her husband's return. The book follows the couple through the first year that he is back, from the initial return and reintegrating with his unit to unknown orders. The first part is all about the stabilization of the service member. After six months, it becomes more about where their future lies and how the military can play with the emotions and futures of its service members. The final part details what could be their final move and how their future is finally taking shape.

Having been a military spouse during a deployment, for me this book hit a specific emotion when I read it. A. Piper Burgi was able to draw me into her and her husband’s life in Beyond Afghanistan: More Views of a Military Spouse. I connected with this story due to the raw emotion that the author displays in this book. Overall, I feel it is a heartfelt recollection by a spouse of a service member, who puts her life on hold for the one she loves, just as thousands of people do in support of our military.

To see the detailed review page please follow this link: https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/36152

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