15 September 2014

Today a Year Ago...

Well, we did it! We drove through Denali National Park from beginning to end at Wonderlake and back to our motorhome. We were fortunate with the local weather…sunshine and cloudless skies. The only thing that left something to be desired was the temperature with a daytime high (or more accurately daytime low) of 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

Photo above: Enchanting view of Wonderlake with Mt. McKinley in 
    the background. (Photo by Ken Burgi)

It was a long drive that lasted most of our day (I think my bottom is still asleep from sitting in a car all that time), even though we left shortly after 10:00 am; we finally got back to the RV around 7:30 pm, just in time to make a pot of potato soup before quiet hours began.... 

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