29 September 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that my third book has been published, more and more people in my life find out that I write. Here are just a few of the questions I frequently get:

Question: What are you currently working on?

Answer: I am always hard at work on “The Next Book”…or books. Like many authors, I am often uncomfortable talking about the work in progress.

Question: Are your books available as E-books?
Answer: Yes. Sites for the e-books will vary by publishing venue. The quickest way to locate them is to check my author’s website www.authorapiperburgi.com

Question: Do you control your cover art?
Answer: So far I have had complete control over my book covers. Since I self-publish it is up to me to provide the cover art.

Question: Do you spend eight hours a day/40 hours per week writing or is it less structured?
Answer: I don’t do anything for forty hours a week. I prefer things “less structured.”

Question: How long does it take you to write a book?
Answer: My first book only took a little less than a year to put together. My second book took a year and a half. It all depends on the subject matter.

Question: Is writing something that came naturally or something you had to work at?
Answer: Story telling runs in the family, but it’s still hard work. 

So, there you have it. Curious to see more? Feel free to read through my FAQs
Fellow writers...What are some of your frequently asked questions? What responses do you get about the fact that you write?

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